Cinefemme, a non profit organization founded to support female filmmakers is championing us in our effort by making any gift tax deductible. It’s hard to make a movie, and as statistics prove, even harder if you are a woman (Only 9% of directors and 15% of writers are women). Recognizing that need, Cinefemme chooses a few select projects to sponsor, and amazingly we were one of them. 

Here’s how it works:  

As a Non-Profit Organization, Cinefemme can accept donations, grants, and gifts on behalf of our film.  Those donating receive a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax write off, and help us complete our film. 

Donations can be accepted online at our donations page:

Checks can be made out to Cinefemme with "The Great Silence" in the MEMO section. The envelopes addressed to: 

Michelle Kantor


837 3rd St. #107, Santa Monica, CA 90403